Monday, 11 March 2013

Graphic Designers and how to choose one, and some Dragon Creative specialities.

Finding the right Graphic Design company to create your marketing material can be somewhat challenging. There are many things you should consider. Many companies put price and quality at the top of their must have list, as they should, but they should also consider;
How fast they turnaround on your job, great service, the relationship between you and your designer.  (We call it the Dragon Standard).

As we mentioned in our last post there are a lot of companies who are “jacks of all trades” which may work in some cases, but you often get a better job done with someone who specializes in a certain type of product. Dragon creative specializes in print design. We have designed everything from large scale trade show booths to small 2x2 ads, Packaging to 100+ page magazine.

Graphic designers are artists. You wouldn’t want to ask a sculptor to create an acrylic painting.  Know your niche, remember!

Good Graphic Designers have distinct purposes. One is they can make your brand stand apart from the rest. Second, they help enhance the appearance of marking material like we mentioned above. And ultimately, they provide us with information – influencing how people think and feel about your product - sometimes subliminally.  We know how to do all of these things really well.  Just tell us what you want.

So now you know how to find a Graphic Designer to suit your needs, we hope it’s Dragon Creative.  But if we are not give us a call anyway we would love to hear from you.

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